6 Ways to be More Positive in the Workplace

17 May 2016 Megan Swan

Be Positive By Lileviljess D3jnfho

We all know a positive workplace is a productive work place, the steps to create this start outside the office and are an individual effort. Below are 6 take away tips to make your work place more positive and enjoyable.

Planning: Schedule your day and set achievable goals to reach by home time. Ticking off tasks as you complete them gives a great sense of achievement and it helps  keep you motivated and on track to get through your workload

Health: Exercise and eating healthy food is proven to help reduce stress and boost your feel good factor which leaves you with a positive mindset

Adapt: Be adaptable, businesses change as do people and circumstances so be open to adapting and embracing change instead of resisting it

Office Politics: Don’t let yourself get weighed down with gossip and office drama, its unproductive and shifts your focus from what is most important

Take breaks: Plan your day around this and ensure you allow time to step out of the office without your phone and get some fresh air, something to eat and take a few minutes to shift your focus out of work to give your mind some time out

Mistakes happen: Don’t beat yourself up over mistakes, learn from it, move on and let it go. The same applies for co-workers don’t hold them to their mistakes