Fatal interview mistakes for Employees & Employers

24 May 2016 Megan Swan

Bomb Job Interview Mistakes Cost Job

The Resolver team have compiled the most common job interview mistakes, blunders, and errors that we see day to day to help you avoid your next interview being a flop. Unfortunately, it's easy to make mistakes without even realizing it  and the most frustrating part is many of them are more common than you realise. By taking the time to prepare yourself before your interview and taking the below into consideration you should be on track to avoid an interviewing disaster.

Talking too much – An interview should be like a game of tennis with equal amounts of back and forth communication

Hiring based on education – Street smarts can trump book smarts and the elimination process should not be based purely on where or how someone was educated. Some of the world’s most successful business minds didn’t complete university (Steve Jobs and Richard Branson to name a few)

Telling lies – It never pays off to lie and 9/10 times it will come back to bite you, you can’t go wrong with the truth

Rubbishing people – Never rubbish past or present employers, colleagues or companies, a job interview is not the place for these kind of throw away comments

Being rude – Be polite to the receptionist, maintain eye contact and thank the interviewer or interviewee for their time. Quiet often there will be other people in the office that will be asked for their opinion or feedback on you without you even needing to have met them, all eyes will be watching

Being overly confident or too nervous – Just relax and be yourself! The interview room is not the place to be a show pony and beat your chest and equally you need to push nerves to the side and be confident enough to answer questions and sell your achievements