How to move out of a Career Rut

28 June 2016 Megan Swan

Career Rut

As June 30 looms we often feel the urge to look at where we are headed and the thought of being in a career that is going nowhere and where you may feel unappreciated starts to set in. These feelings could be the result of being in a career rut where you feel like the challenge and motivation have all of a sudden vanished and you are in the 9-5 grind. The below questions are a great way to help get you back on the right path for the new financial year, take the time to ask yourself the following;

-       What do I love about my job?

-       What do I dislike about my job?

-       What skills do I use and what ones would I like to use more of?

-       When did I last feel job satisfaction?

-       What would my ideal role look like right now?

-       What are my career goals and am I on the path to achieving them?                               

Taking the answers to the above on board, now take ownership of the situation and have a conversation with your manager about your thoughts. Talk about your options within the company if you can take on further responsibility, some additional training to up skill or even move roles/departments to take on a new challenge. Take some time out to enjoy your days off and make sure you are doing things you enjoy in and outside of the work place. For more advice on your career get in touch with the team at Resolver Recruitment today 02 9966 4011