Becoming an Effective Leader

16 August 2016 Megan Swan


The making of a good leader comes from effective management skills, this is something great leaders understand and practice daily in business. Being the go to person and empowering those in your office to make decisions that will see them build trust in you, instead of being seen as pushing the team to work harder. Your role as a leader is to communicate your vision for the company; to your team as they are the ones that will make it happen, you just need to ensure it’s done efficiently.

Delegate – This is something that should be done wisely, you need to stop feeling like you are the only person that can do anything right, by sharing the workload you build confidence in your staff and empower them to confidently accomplish more

Communicate – Don’t get too busy that you aren’t keeping everyone on the same page with what is happening within the business. Regular team meetings and an open communication policy is a must 

Recognition – When a member of your team does something exceptional, reward them with a bonus or vocal recognition of a job well done. Ensure you do this in front of the team to encourage further good work

Keep it fun – Don’t take it too seriously and make sure you have some fun along the way, casual Friday’s, team building days, office morning tea or even a group yoga session- it’s great to mix it up and not make it all serious business all of the time

Be the example – Turn up on time, dress the part, curb the swearing or bad moods. Remember monkey see, monkey do; your team are a reflection of who you are

Most importantly put your stamp on your leadership style and make it work with your team and your business.