Powerful Words For Your Resume

09 August 2016 Megan Swan

Resume Reading

The team at Resolver Recruitment recently did some research into the most frequently used and most powerful words to include in your resume which turned up some interesting finds. It is important when writing or updating your resume that you make sure it reads as though it is something you have put together and that you don’t fill it with big fluffy words or skills that aren’t true to your capabilities. In saying that this is a professional document that is used to sell you and make you stand out from the crowd, so using words that are chosen correctly that match your skills and character can help you stand out in a sea of applications. We have selected a snippet of what we think the 10 most powerful words we have found in resumes are.

·         Advanced

·         Negotiated

·         Managed

·         Exceeded

·         Generated

·         Grew

·         Sustained

·         Trained

·         Streamlined

·         Retained

For advice on your resume and how to best sell your skills when applying for jobs get in touch with the team at Resolver Recruitment today and let us help you and your application stand out from the crowd.