Top Tips To Nailing An Interview

14 August 2018 Virginia Brookes


REINSW recently spoke with our Associate Director Carlie Barnett about her top tips on nailing an interview. 

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Know yourself

If you’re new to the industry, Carlie says you must demonstrate why real estate is your chosen path.

“And your answer needs to be more than ‘because I like people’,” she says. "Completing your Certificate of Registration or Real Estate Licence is a good way to show interest, but you need a reason why you have decided to complete it and make a move into the industry.

"It may come from a passion for property or from seeing family member or friend step into the industry and do well. You may have had a positive experience buying a property which sparked your interest or maybe you enjoy working to targets and dealing with the public. Whatever your reason, you must be ready to communicate it." 

“If you are already in the industry and are looking for a change, you need to clearly demonstrate why you are seeking new opportunities and communicate what is lacking in your current role.”


Know your numbers

“You need to know everything from how many prospecting calls you make in a day to how many doors you knock on and what your conversion rate is,” Carlie says. 

“Your average days on market, average fee you charge and how many listings you have in your pipeline is all important to demonstrate the activity you put out. It also helps the interviewer understand what you’re capable of and determine what training or support you might need.

“Knowing your numbers also includes salary. When asked about your expectations, don’t over shoot what you have earned in the last financial year or what you hope to earn. Be realistic and honest.


Do your research

Carlie says interviewers don’t want you to regurgitate their website content back to them.

“They want you to show you have looked into who they are and what they are about,” she says. “Read their reviews online, look at their listings, staff profiles and social media. Be clued up on exactly who you are meeting.”


Ask questions 

This is one thing Carlie says is critical in an interview. 

“Ensure you prepare a list of questions before going to your interview. The answer to these could help confirm your decision to take the position,” she says.

“It also demonstrates your interest in the company and the role. Some good things to ask about include the company’s training program, what administration support they offer and what CRM they use.”


Dress nicely

Last but not least, Carlie says presentation impacts first impressions – and first impressions count! 

“Your presentation is an extension of your personal brand,” she says. “The interviewer will judge instantly whether you fit with the company’s brand. It also indicates how you present yourself to clients.

“Make sure you’re clean-shaven and have styled your hair. Remove chipped nail polish, iron your clothes and avoid loud prints.” 

Now that you have the insider tips, there’s no excuse not to blow them away at your next interview. Good luck!