17 August 2021 Virginia Brookes

Candidate Ghosting

​Ghosting… for hiring managers, recruiters, employees and employers this is a dirty word!!!!

I know that circumstances can change, you can lose interest or you can just plain change your mind but whatever you do don’t ghost!

Candidates are spoilt for choice right now, it won’t always be this way, make sure you just simply let your recruiter or hiring manager your change of plans.

Employers, if an interview doesn’t go as plan, you know someone isn’t right for you or you decide to put a role on hold, let people know.

Ghosting is just plain rude and there is no excuse for it! Make sure you are remembered for all the right reasons not the wrong reasons. Tables will turn one day and you will need people you can rely on, on your team! A simple text, email or phone call is all that is needed. We won’t get angry or upset, we aren’t afraid of rejection, we like you just like to be informed.

The rule is simple – just don’t ghost!