5 Ways To Beat The Morning Blues

20 September 2016 Megan Swan

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When your mood is falling and it feels impossible to find the energy to get up and give the day all you’ve got we have the solution for you! The Resolver Recruitment team know how important it is to start your day off on the right foot and by doing so you attract more success and feel like a winner from the moment you step foot in the office. Below are our top 5 tips to avoid the morning blues so you can start your day off right.

Brightness: Get out and get some sunshine, it’s a scientific fact that a good dose of vitamin D from the sun can instantly boost your mood. Make sure you are enjoying at least 30 minutes of your day out in the sun.

Food: Eating sweets can send you crashing fast and carbohydrates can leave you feeling sluggish if you don’t burn them off. Eat a rainbow and have a variety of fresh and colourful foods to your diet, bananas are one of the best known foods for boosting your mood.

Sleep:  Going to bed at a reasonable hour and getting 7-8 hours of solid sleep will do wonders for your mood the next day.

Exercise: A quick walk along the beach before work, a gym session in your lunch break or a team sport with the office after 5pm are all great ways to switch off and leave you feeling energised.

Change: Mix up your routine, take on extra responsibility at work, seek inspiration by watching a TED talk or take on further study. If you ad some variety to your life it will find new reasons to help you bounce out of bed and have purpose for the day.