• How to spot a great BDM

    ​We have noticed a growing trend in recent weeks with more and more agency owners now looking to hire Business Development Managers in their property management departments. Whilst it is not a new role to the industry, it is often a role that an agency doesn’t rush to fill if someone vacates the position and is often viewed as a want more than a need. I believe the economic ...

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  • How to master answering the interview question “what can you do for us that other candidates can’t?”

    ​One of the most common questions you will get in an interview is “what can you do for us that other candidates can’t?” which is essentially asking why they should hire you. This question can be difficult to answer - you want to show that you’re different from other candidates and sell yourself without sounding arrogant. How do you even know what the other candidates are lik...

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  • How to become an Employee of Choice

    ​When looking for a new position, you want to make sure you are showing yourself in the best possible light to potential new employers, so that you are their first choice when it comes to hiring. Here are 5 simple ways that you can make sure you stand out in the right way when you are:Be Positive and Promote Yourself - Employers are looking for optimistic and positive applic...

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  • Are you an Employer of Choice?

    Do you have a reputation in the industry that attracts the pinnacle of employees when you are recruiting for new talent?With a candidate short and competitive job market, it is more important than ever that you position your organisation as the place to be in your marketplace. Research indicates that employers outperforming their competition are those that have highly engage...

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  • How You Can Kill Your Video Interview in 2 Seconds

    ​Want to know how you can kill your video interview in 2 seconds? And no I don’t mean ‘kill’ as in you knocked it out of the park!I mean turning them off in the first initial moments of the video interview. Face to face interviews are becoming a thing of the past and video interviews are now the norm. Just because you won’t physically be meeting your potential employer does ...

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  • A Candidates Ultimate Guild to To Interviewing

    ​Interviews do not have to be a daunting and anxious experience if you don’t want them to be.  If you change your mindset and you’re as prepared as you possibly can be, you will give yourself the best opportunity to nail the interview and secure the role.1.The minute you walk through the doors is when your interview starts.  It goes without saying that your presentation shou...

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  • An Employer's Ultimate Guide to Interviewing

    ​The interview process can be a daunting and anxious experience for many people.Over the years I have seen high quality candidates miss out on opportunities because they struggled during the interview, letting nerves get the better of them!As the employer, there are a few things effective steps you can take during the interview to get the best out of the candidate.1. Be on t...

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  • People, Performance and Promises

    If you want a business filled with enthu­si­as­tic, ambi­tious employ­ees motivated to perform, it is now more important than ever that as a business you are investing one-on-one time with your team and delivering on promises made when you were selling the dream at interview time. Believe it or not, your staff welcome and want a defined performance management schedule and...

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    COVID -19 has brought a significant amount of uncertainty and disruption to our daily lives and in turn our job prospects.Some had resigned from jobs and were unable to commence their new role when we headed into lockdown and found themselves jobless while others experienced redundancies and stand down. Surveying real estate agencies, we found that 25% of offices made redund...

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  • Trends That We Think Will Transform The Real Estate Industry Outlook in 2020/21

    Times are really unpredictable at the moment but the Real Estate industry always manages to bounce back whatever the situation.Although our predictions will depend on if we get this “second wave” people talk about meaning potentially another lockdown, our predictions that will transform the Real Estate Industry are:Irrespective of the economy, interest rates and doomsayers, ...

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