• How to Network!

    ​​Life as we know it is slowly coming back.Businesses are starting to send their staff members back to the office. Meetings are face to face again and events are going ahead.Who has been missing networking events? I know we have here at Resolver HQ! The team is looking forward to attending our first in person event next week!Networking at industry events really can enhance y...

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  • Is your online branding presenting your business correctly?

    ​At Resolver Recruitment, we are constantly reminding our Candidates to ensure they run a Google Health Check, particularly when they are job searching, to make sure they are presenting themselves appropriately online. Like most of our Clients, our Candidates also do their own research by looking up potential employees on social media. So as a business owner, it is essent...

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  • Why now is a good time to work in Real Estate

    ​January has been an extremely busy month for the Real Estate industry, and we don’t see it slowing down any time soon! While the country was in a recession due to COVID-19 last year and the number of jobs in Australia fell by 7.5 per cent between March and April 2020, the Sydney Real Estate Market continued to perform well and it is predicted that it will thrive this year!...

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  • Tips for success in 2021!

    ​2020 was year of ups & down, uncertainty and, to be quite honest, some frightening times were had by all of us. We have learnt a lot over the year, so now it’s time to apply what we have learnt. By applying the lessons of 2020 to your life and business, you can create a future that is far brighter than your past.Success means different things to different people. We all...

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  • 2020 – What a year for the Real Estate Industry

    ​ 2020 – what a year for the Real Estate industry!! Well, that was a year that I don’t want to live through again; a year of ups and downs, uncertainty and, to be quite honest, some frightening times were had by all of us. Thank goodness the last quarter of the year soared for many parts of the RE industry. With interest rates at a record low and international travel s...

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  • Getting Ready For 2021

    ​WOW - What a year 2020 has been! We can probably speak on behalf of everyone and say good riddance 2020 and bring on 2021. We are ready to see what it has in store for us. 2020 has definitely been a learning curve, and we can take the lessons we have learnt to help plan out our 2021. However, it is important to remember that you need to leave wiggle room for change and be w...

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  • Changing career paths

    Changing career paths is never an easy decision but it’s now common practice for many of us during our working lives. Maybe your industry has been affected by COVID, maybe you have grown out of your current role.. or maybe you simply just need a change. What’s exciting is that 2020 has seen a high volume of candidates looking to make the move into Real Estate. The Real Estat...

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  • Promoting From Within. Do You Have The Right Person For The Job?

    ​Property management department head roles are often stumbled into by default. Leadership roles are a responsibility that should not be taken lightly and business owners should be seeking to ensure the right person for the job is the one doing it. If you lined up every department head across the country you will get a wide variety of skill sets and experience. Some will be...

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    ​Leadership comes down to the ability to motivate the people around you to a higher level of performance through strong interpersonal relationships. It is an important management function which helps maximise productivity and efficiency and ultimately achieve company goals. This role is often put onto a designated individual or leadership team in the property industry, but i...

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  • How does your brand speak to attracting the best talent out there in a competitive market?

    I have been in recruitment for 10 years now and over this time I have seen ebbs and flows in availability of quality candidates, but I have never seen such a candidate tight market as I have over this past month. It has highlighted the incredible importance of being an employer of choice and ensuring that your brand speaks to the right marketplace in attracting top talent. ​...

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