• New Employee checklist

    ​You’ve found a great employee and they’ve formally accepted an offer to start with your company. Fantastic! But what comes next?All too often we see candidates questioning their decision in the period between accepting an offer and their first week on the job. You can offer all the bells and whistles, however if a candidate arrives on day one and you are not prepared, ...

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  • Onboarding during lockdown

    ​ Starting a new team member in the midst of a lockdown can either be a disorganised mess or a successful win. Irrespective of pandemics, the onboarding and induction process is always something that should be a positive experience for both the business and the new starter. We recently assisted in the placement of a team member that was headhunted, interviewed, hired and co...

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  • GHOSTING........

    ​Ghosting… for hiring managers, recruiters, employees and employers this is a dirty word!!!! I know that circumstances can change, you can lose interest or you can just plain change your mind but whatever you do don’t ghost! Candidates are spoilt for choice right now, it won’t always be this way, make sure you just simply let your recruiter or hiring manager your change...

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  • How you can get your team to help you even more

    ​You would be surprised how often your team is prepared to do that little bit more when you need them to, and I think over the last 12 or so months, many of us have seen this, including myself! I find that my team have done whatever has been needed to push through, and they are still doing it today – how do you think we achieve this? ​1.It is sometimes as simple as saying th...

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  • Going the extra mile. How to be the indispensable employee.

    ​Career satisfaction, security and progression seems to be more important more than ever lately. There are many positions being outsourced, eliminated, or redone it’s hard for anyone to feel like their job is truly rock solid. No one person or role is irreplaceable, but to be indispensable means that your boss can replace you, they just can’t imagine ever doing so. S...

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    ​Don’t spend one more minute dreaming about a better tomorrow – or a better career – when you can own and create one today. YOU are the only one choose your path and your choices in life. If you can do these four things outlined below, you are on your way to achieving your professional goals. 1. Put an end to hiding your accomplishments and ask for what you want – Tal...

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    How To Own Your Career
  • 4 secrets to OWN your time you will WIN the Day!

    ​Are you constantly complaining about how “busy” you are or how there’s “never enough time in the day”? “Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.” ~William Penn We tend to find ourselves wasting countless hours each day scrolling through social media, listening to music/podcasts, watching tv and keeping up with the latest “news”. We longer own our time; ou...

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  • REINSW WIRE Conference

    ​Our team recently attended the REINSW WIRE Conference and were inspired by each and every speaker. We asked our Candidate Manager Shelley to pick out who inspired her most and why…So, who inspired you most at WIRE? Although all the speakers were amazing, I was definitely most inspired by Manal Al Sharif, who co-founded and led the #Women2Drive movement, to challenge t...

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  • Finding inspiration when there is no clear career path for you at your company!

    In your professional career there is no doubt at some point you are hit with some roadblocks and hurdles along the way. This may put you at a standstill in your career path but there are ways for you to stay ahead and stay inspired in your career. Figure out what you want and get it! Acknowledging that there is an issue can be the first and most important step of ma...

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  • How to Network!

    ​​Life as we know it is slowly coming back.Businesses are starting to send their staff members back to the office. Meetings are face to face again and events are going ahead.Who has been missing networking events? I know we have here at Resolver HQ! The team is looking forward to attending our first in person event next week!Networking at industry events really can enhance y...

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