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​Advantage 1

Resolver Recruitment focuses solely on recruiting Candidate for the Real Estate and Property industries.

Advantage 2

Match the right Candidates with the right Clients in order for both parties to succeed.

Advantage 3

Innovative and reliable service which deliver efficient results.

Your Staff

The building blocks of any business rely upon solid foundations – these being your staff. The quality of your personnel can transform your business and introduce endless opportunities, for that reason alone, recruiting the right person is imperative to your business.

Talented Individuals

In order for your organisation to triumph over your competitors, it is crucial to hire the most professional, efficient and talented individuals available.

Continuous Referrals

Due to the exceptionally high level of service that we provide, a large majority of our business branches from continuous referrals from our existing Clients and Candidates.

Your Company Culture

We understand that each of our Clients has completely different needs and requirements, which is why Resolver Recruitment dedicate the time and energy into researching exactly what it is you are searching for with your new employees. When recruiting staff for our Clients we not only take into great consideration the skills and abilities of our Candidates but also their personalities and your company culture in order for a perfect match.