5 steps to a successful career

23 November 2016 Megan Swan

16 Min

Whether you are just starting out or you’re stuck in a slump, these five tips from a top mentor will give you a career kickstart and help unlock your professional potential.

Speaker, author and mentor Christina Guidotti has 15 years’ real estate experience, from property management to sales. She spoke with RPM about the top five issues she works with agents on and gave us some tips on how to improve in these areas.

1. Take responsibility 
“The core that we look at, the foundation work, is getting [professionals] back to not making excuses and taking complete responsibility,” Ms Guidotti said.

She encourages the PMs she works with to practice taking 100 per cent responsibility for both their professional and personal lives. Making decisions based on core values is an important way to take ownership, she said.

2. Clarity 
We all know what tasks need to be completed in a day, but do you know why?

“There’s a lot of skills training in the industry. There’s no shortage of fantastic trainers and mentors to teach you the niche of real estate so a lot of people have got the same teachers, the same resources, the same knowledge, but why is it that one human being will go and take those skills and apply it, and another person won’t?” Ms Guidotti asked.

The difference between PMs who are proactive and those who aren’t is clarity and knowing their driving factors, she said.

3. Productivity
It’s time to assess the tasks you do and how productive you are with your time. Many PMs are busier than they need to be while still not achieving success. Ms Guidotti believes you should only be working five days a week and you can be successful if you master your productivity.

4. Making the right choices 
People are faced with millions of choices every day and the key to not getting overwhelmed is “active decision making”, Ms Guidotti said. Designing your day will help you stay in control and not turn to reactive decision making – something which is unlikely to result in you making the best choices.

5. Purpose
Viewing your career as just a job can be detrimental to your success, according to Ms Guidotti.

“So instead of us just seeing it as a routine and a job, it’s how do we see a career in real estate being a fantastic leverage and opportunity part of our life?”

Having clarity and purpose in your day will help your energy levels and encourage you to make better business decisions, which in turn will lead to success.