What not to post on social media

12 January 2017 Megan Swan

10 Min

You don’t know who is looking at your profile - think about how many times you have ‘Facebook stalked’ someone. Well, chances are a prospective employer will look at you on social media.  

As social media has become such a big part of our lives, we sometimes forget what we’re sharing online is not only viewed be our ‘friends’ but by our colleagues, managers, and even prospective employers.

The best way to control what can be seen is to keep your accounts completely private – however, friends and colleagues can still see what you are sharing so it is important to be mindful of what you are posting.

The rule of thumb is just because it doesn’t affect you now- you don’t know how it will affect you in the future.

Here’s a few common mistakes people have made on social media that they didn’t consider before posting;

Complaining about their Job

It’s imperative that if you’re having an issue at work, you need to address it with the appropriate person whether that is your supervisor, manager, HR department etc. and try to resolve the issue. If you post negative comments online, you are essentially bad mouthing the company publicly which could seriously land you in cold water.

Sharing your Job offer too early                  

Some companies (especially if they are working with a recruiter to find an employee) want position vacancies within their business made confidential.

Therefore, if you’re offered the job, make sure you’re not tempted to share the great news straight away. Instead wait until you have started the role and are settled in because if you share the job offer that is meant to be confidential they may perceive you as untrustworthy and they could change their mind about hiring you.

Engaging in Cyber Bullying

You might want to reconsider posting about other people in a derogatory or negative manner, even if you think it is funny because if you engage in what is considered online bullying you may be at risk of getting fired.  Many companies now have a social media policy in place, which all employees have to abide by. Companies have realised the importance of how employees represent themselves online as this can be a reflection of the company and their brand.

There are many examples of employees being fired for their actions on social media so it is important to be very mindful about what you are posting. To read more about how a person’s actions on social media ended in him being fired, click on the link below: