How to Build Your Digital Brand

18 April 2017 Megan Swan


In an ever evolving digital world, having easily accessible information about your services on multiple platforms is imperative to building your personal and professional brand. Social media is an ever-increasingly popular method of securing business in the modern world – and real estate agents are quickly catching on to the phenomenon.  Building an ‘online identity’ is a key element of success, as consumers and clients are ‘one click away’ from finding services elsewhere if yours are too difficult to access/not user friendly. A Sensis survey found that 52% of consumers were more likely to trust a brand that interacted positively with its consumers on social media platforms. If you want to start or develop your online identity to build your digital brand, read on for our tips to success:

1.      Have a Strategy

Whether it is have “themed” days on social media (for example, “Property of the Week”), a specific colour or design theme, or logo, make sure that your posts are identifiable as being your brand. Developing this strategy is useful to cater to your consumer’s needs – for example “Tuesday Tips” that are helpful for landlords seeking assistance with the management of their property.

2.      Be Active

Consistency is key for building your digital brand successfully. Make sure you post at regular intervals, a certain amount of times a day or week, to ensure your consumers/clients are constantly reminded of your services, kept up-to-date with your activities and feel included in your community. A professional that is inconsistent with their digital brand implies that their services may also be inconsistent, which could lead potential clients straight to your competitors!

3.      Quality

Quality over quantity – always! Every part of your brand – including content, banners, logos, posts and written content – should be top quality and free of grammatical or graphic errors. Don’t spam your followers, engage them in quality content that they will want to see every time you post. Make all of your posts engaging and professionally advantageous, while maintaining a personal air, to positively engage existing and new clients/customers.                                              

Building your digital brand is just one way you can advance your professional career today. In a social media heavy society, the world consumers are living in and sourcing services from, is evolving day by day. Keep up to date and make sure you are the first brand/service your potential clients see when searching for someone to sell or manage their property.