How to: Get The Promotion You Want!

04 April 2017 Megan Swan

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Are you ready to move up in your organisation, but not sure how to climb the ladder? The key to attaining a promotion is to create and maintain a balance between being a patient team-player and a motivated self-promoter. Although seemingly difficult, and a juxtaposition of sorts, maintaining this balance will give you the tools you need to get that promotion you have always wanted. We have compiled a few tips and tricks to help you take the next step…

1.Work for a company that promotes from within

Naturally, the company you work for itself can have much to do with the possibility of getting promoted internally. When applying for jobs, make sure you look out for companies that are growing or show potential for growth or expansion in the near future. Not only large companies offer internal promotion, so don’t limit yourself to applying only to big corporations.

2.Build your network

It is important to build both your internal and external networks – networking is a key, and often neglected, strategy of building your career profile. Make sure you know everyone that you work with and build positive and nurturing relationships with all your colleagues, as well as building relationships and sourcing knowledge and contacts with important people in your industry. This will set you up with a positive, supportive network that will only boost and encourage your promotion. 

3.Make sure the right people know you want to move up

Without stepping on any toes, make sure your superiors are actually aware you want to move – your managers seeing you happy and excelling in your current role may think you want to stay in this position permanently if you don’t otherwise say so!

4.Improve your skill-set and qualifications

Always look to improve – think of “nano-degrees” you can complete while working. For example, courses on improving communication skills, building your brand or educational courses related to your industry. By always striving to stay up-to-date in your professional education, you stand apart from other colleagues who have remained stagnant since entering the corporation.

5.Streamline processes, introduce better procedures, improve your role

Don’t be afraid to streamline or introduce new policies and procedures into your workplace. Although it may seem daunting to counter-act processes that have been set in place for some time by your superiors, they will often appreciate your confidence and innovative desire to improve your workplace. Only employees that not only want to improve themselves, but the company for which they work, are the best candidates for promotion!