Why You Should Consider a HORIZONTAL Career Move

19 June 2017 Megan Swan

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We always want to move up the career ladder, especially if we feel we are ready to take the next step up in our current workplace but that pesky glass ceiling stands in our way. It is only natural to consider career growth in terms of vertical movement, but what if it was smarter to move sideways? In some cases, it is more beneficial to consider and focus your job search on making a horizontal career move rather than only focusing on roles that may be just beyond your reach, read on for just a few of the many benefits associated with a horizontal career move…

  1. Develop a wider range of skills

By working in different roles within the same organisation, you will develop a wider breadth of skills that will inevitably expand your professional knowledge in the industry, making you more flexible, adaptable to change and respected as an industry all-rounder. A sales agent who has tried their hand at property management is bound to have a better business understanding and acumen when wishing to step out an open their own agency than one who has never expressed interest in other, equally important, sides of the business!

  1. Develop your network within the industry

What better way to build your professional network than meeting new people within your new workplace? Working with different people will undoubtedly expand your connections in the industry, leading to long-term career and professional development. After all, succeeding in business is all about connections and who you know!

  1. Expand industry knowledge, resilience to change and increase innovation

By working across different areas of the workplace, you will not only expand your wholesome industry knowledge, but develop a resilience to change both within the workplace and industry as a whole. You will also be able to bring innovation and new ideas to a workplace where you are familiar with several aspects of the business and therefore able to more holistically bring new ideas to the table.