Resigning Etiquette

17 October 2017 Virginia Brookes


Resigning is a delicate subject and must be handled respectfully and professionally. Most people are uncomfortable giving resignations and most of the time employers don't like receiving them, however you never know when you will need your current employer as a reference and it is imperative not to “burn bridges” of relationships you may need in future. We have compiled some tips on how you as an employee can handle giving a resignation in the most professional fashion!

Make sure your boss is the first one to know you’re resigning and not all your colleagues. No employer likes to hear second-hand news about one of their employees and this will reflect badly on your professionalism and respect for your employer who has invested time, training and development into you.

Ask your boss for a meeting - try not to email or text. A personal “do you have moment?” is ideal, however if this is not possible then schedule a meeting via email. Make sure you and your boss can sit down comfortably and privately to discuss your resignation and there are no distractions or eavesdroppers.

Have a letter written to hand to your employer at the same time. Make sure you include in the letter a thank you to your employer for their time and investment in you, and wish them well. Your letter can also include your notice period and when you are able to hand-over your role to the new employee.

Give the correct notice period and make sure you really work hard in the last few weeks of your employment. You want to finish on good terms with any employer as much as you can - just remember that you may need this job as a reference one day.

Finally, finish nicely, say good bye and thank your boss in person on your last day - remember last impressions count as much as first ones!