Why this shouldn’t be your first question you ask recruiters

20 February 2018 Virginia Brookes

Weekly Article

Many questions race through your mind when being informed about a new job from a recruiter. However the temptation from asking that one particular question first off can ultimately do you a disservice, what company is the job for will let any recruiter know that you’ve fallen into the brand name trap. 

When looking for jobs other factors like office location, culture fit and career progression should be higher up on your priority list.

Try asking the following questions, to find out if the role you wish to apply for is suited to you;

  •  What is the size of the business? Is it global, national or local?
  • Could you tell me about the culture of the business?
  • Who would I be reporting to, and how many other direct reports does this person have?
  • What would the expectations of the successful candidate be after three months, six months and 12 months?

After gauging your interest in the role your recruitment consultant can then go into greater detail and inform you where the office is located, the team size, company size and also offer a full job description. 

After discovering the additional facts about the role it is then acceptable to then ask about the company. Finding the right role comes down to being open to opportunities and not being brand focused, what may seem like an ideal brand may not be all it seems. Finding the right role means going beyond your preconceived notions of a company image and looking closely at how a role could suit you.

It’s important as a candidate that you are open minded when hearing about roles in businesses and learn first-hand rather than hear it from peers or past employees. In other words, don’t fall into the brand name trap, stay focused on the role; its responsibilities and career development opportunities as a measuring stick to find your best fit.