Singing Your Own Praises

13 March 2018 Virginia Brookes

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Boasting about your accomplishments and achievements is never easy however, it is very important to be able to show your strengths and successes, especially when in an interview. Most people do not enjoy tooting their own horns, yet being too humble can ultimately cost you a job or the promotion you have been working hard towards.

Here are some tips to help you sing your own praises confidently;

Storytelling. Storytelling is a great way to spell out your personal accomplishments to your interviewer without the feeling of bragging. Instead of saying bluntly “I was promoted 3 times within the last 2 years”, create a story around how this happened.

Share your sense of personal satisfaction. Rather than singing your own praises, talk about how you felt when you accomplished something that you want to share. Try using “When I did this, I felt…” instead of “I did this”

Brag Bites. Keeping it to the point, short and sweet. Nobody wants to get lost in an endless monologue.

Prove it. When people can talk factually it makes it easy to articulate when they have accomplished. Instead of saying “I’m the number 1 performing sales agent in the company” back it up with facts e.g “I increased sales by 13 per cent to become the number 1 agent ” or “I did this for a customer”

Letting others vouch for you. References and recommendations are another way to showcase your accomplishments. If you receive great feedback from clients, colleagues or former managers than let these do some of the bragging for you.

So, next time you have the interview for the job you are really wanting to secure try using some of the tips above and start getting noticed.