Want to get into Real Estate? Follow these steps!

10 January 2019 Virginia Brookes


Deciding you want to get into the real estate industry is great and knowing what steps come next can be a bit hard to figure out. The most crucial step of your search is getting your Certificate Of Registration and this can be a lengthy part of the process but it is worth every step as it means you are compliant to work in the industry in an administration, sales or property management role.  Below is a step by step outline to help guide you through the certificate of registration process;

1: Select a course and training provider. There are a multitude of options and these can been done in class rooms or courses that can be done via correspondence so you can study from home.

2: Once enrolled, you will start the course and this is generally compiled of 4 modules and assessments which you will need to complete and pass all sections. If you fail or miss any sections, you will be given the opportunity to go back and fix any errors.

3: Your assessments will be sent for marking and it can sometimes take a few weeks to get your pass mark back. Once you get a pass on all modules and assessments you will be issued with a Certificate of Attainment. Do note, this is NOT your certificate of registration, we still have a few steps to go.

4: You will get your Certificate of Attainment and lodge this with the NSW Office of Fair Trading. This lodgement can be done via post, online or in person at your nearest Service NSW Centre. You will also pay a lodgement fee and will be issued with a receipt for lodgement.

5: You now need to wait for the Certificate of Registration to be processed, this can take up to 6 weeks and you do need this to fulfil compliance requirements to work in the industry.

6: Once you receive your Certificate of Registration in the post, it remains current for 12 months and at the end of 12 months you will get a notification from the Office of Fair Trading to complete 12 CPD points to renew your certificate.