How to deal with changes in your career plan

10 April 2019 Virginia Brookes

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At some stages throughout your career you will find that everything is not moving forward the way you planned or expected. Sometimes this will be for reasons out of your control and if you can relate to some of my reasons below there are some ways to help steer your career back on track.

1. There appears to be no room to progress in your current place of employment.
Have you actually spoken to your employer and ascertained that there is nowhere to move or have you made that assumption yourself? Sometimes companies will be looking at different avenues of growth that you aren’t currently aware of, or, are happy to offer you further training and development to further enhance your career. If you are happy with the environment and the people it is always worth exploring what is there within your current place of employment. If you have explored all of these options then it is time to start looking outside your current employment for the next step in your career or a to a company that can eventually offer it.

2. You are feeling unfulfilled in your work.
Whether you have been in your role for a short period of time or for a lengthy period you may have come to realise that your current role isn’t as fulfilling or rewarding as you had hoped or you may just feel that you have “outgrown the role”. Whatever the reason is it is time to clearly identify exactly what your wants and  needs are in a new role and really clarify to yourself on what is going to drive you in going to work each day. Once you have worked out what you are looking for in a new role then it’s time to work out what companies you want to work for that can give you that excitement again.

3. Your current role is changing.
Advances in technology  are rapid and in the current market place technology, outsourcing and industry changes are seeing some roles become obsolete. If this is the case it’s time to dive deep into your skillset and see if there are any other industries your skillset is transferrable to. If you wish to remain in your current industry then now is the time for you to retrain and upskill so you can also utilise your previous experience in a new role. Again always look for opportunities within your current company otherwise you might have to make a transition into a completely new industry depending on the situations. Remember that your experience and value is still meaningful and will evolve with you as your career advances.  

Regardless of the situation, there are steps you can take to deal with the issue and to ensure that you are following the career path you want.