How to be indispensable in your office

21 August 2019 Virginia Brookes

Corporate Environment

Job security is always a topic of discussion and concern even in the most buoyant, skills short markets. There can be changes to departments, roles can be revamped and staff shuffled around its just a part of the corporate world. Being indispensable at work means your employer can rely on you to help maintain productivity and profitability and in turn they couldn’t imagine having to replace your role in the business. Want to be indispensable in your office? Here’s how;

Don't be afraid to take the lead and take ownership
Embrace change, remember that change provides opportunity
Always go the extra mile needed to do the work you are paid to do. The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is 'extra'
Watch and know the company's bottom line to know how to add value
Offer solutions to challenges or problems in your department
Work with your manager to reach their goals
Focus more on the work that matters, not the work that spins the wheels
Aim for excellence in every piece of work you do
Excel in few great skills and become the 'go to person' for those skills at work
Keep your promises and commitments to your manager and colleagues