Getting your foot in the door in Real Estate Sales and getting ahead…

11 September 2019 Virginia Brookes

Once you have decided that Real Estate Sales is definitely the career path you want how do you take the next step? The common questions we are asked in Sales are – how do I get into Sales? How do I become a top agent?
The following are all great ways to commence your long term sales career; 
Start as a Sales Assistant to a high performing agent or as the junior member of an EBU (Effective Business Unit). This allows you to see how the whole sales process comes together from the start to the end. At first you may just be putting out direction boards for upcoming opens, doing letterbox drops, assisting on opens and opening the property for pest and building inspections /photographer’s access. Show your potential and enthusiasm and eventually you will be asked to assist on call backs and prospecting before moving up to attending appraisals and running some smaller campaigns under the watchful eye of someone far more experienced than you. Don’t run before you can walk though, this is a golden opportunity for you to be a sponge and to soak up every bit of information you can - ask questions, seek guidance and watch all you can from your peers who are already successful agents.
Start in a Leasing role and then move into a Business Development role in Property Management – this is an opportunity for you to make contact with and service people that are currently Landlords, who can potentially become your vendors, and Tenants, who are often home owners themselves too or perhaps your potential purchasers. Whatever way you look at it you are making valuable connections who can assist you when you decide to make the transition into a Sales role.
If you feel that you are ready to just jump straight into Sales as an Agent and have a great network of people to start connecting with then you just need to find the right opportunity; in many instances it simply just doesn’t work to be given a desk and a phone and told go for it! Make sure when you are starting a role as a Sales Agent that you are given a mentor to work with – this can be in the form of a Sales Agent, Sales Manager or a Director that you can shadow and learn off who can guide you every step of the way. Ensure that you have a clear training plan, lots of support and are not just being thrown in the deep end.
No matter where you start it’s not just up to your employer to ensure your long term success it’s mostly up to you! Spend money investing in yourself and your career by finding your own independent business coach or mentoring group, attending seminars, courses and events and subscribing online to industry leaders and industry trainers. The more relevant information that you can take away and use the better – but remember, it is up to you to put into use what you have learnt. 
Above all Real Estate Sales is a rewarding career both financially and personally and it is a career that will carry you your whole working life. What you need to be prepared for is long hours to start, definite after hours and weekend work and absolute persistence and dedication; align yourself with the right agency and the right people and the Real Estate Sales arena is yours for the taking!