Why you shouldn’t wait until January for a new job!

10 December 2019 Virginia Brookes


I know so many people who say that their New Years' resolution is to look for a new job. But, why wait until the 1st January 2020 to decide on it - it's best to decide and get looking now! 

Many employers wait until the end of the year to really focus on finding new team members for 2020 and ideally they would love for you to start in the New Year when you are fresh from a break and when you are excited about starting a new job! For you, imagine having a super relaxing break where you don’t have to think about anything work-wise for 2 -3 weeks because you don’t have a job to think about! 

So many people head back to work at the end of their Christmas / New Year break with the best of intentions, but you know what it's like once you get back into the swing of things before you know it you’ve come to Easter, and you still haven't done anything about it! 

So if you are one of many who know that you made up your mind that you will look for a new job in the New Year, then don’t wait! We have a bunch of incredible roles ready for the taking now to start in the New Year. Make 2020 your best year yet with a fresh start from the beginning!