How will COVID-19 affect employment and your career

19 March 2020 Megan Swan

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As we face constantly changing circumstances related to COVID-19, we wanted to let you know that we are committed to supporting you, especially in navigating changes at work.
At Resolver Recruitment, it is business as usual, with the exception of all meetings moving online for the foreseeable future.
We understand this is a stressful time and we want to update you as to what we are seeing with recruitment in businesses and how COVID-19 might affect your current employment position.  

As always, we would love to stay connected either via phone, email or on social, where we aim to keep you updated on what we are working on so connect with us today!

How it might affect your current role

Be prepared to work from home (where possible) – more and more clients are making the decision to have their team work from home. This change can take some getting used to but there are ways to make this easier – having a designated work space, getting up at the same time and taking regular breaks are just some ways to help get used to this new way of working

Be patient with changes in management – your management team are new to this to so whilst they are figuring it all out, there may be some delay in responses. Keep in regular touch with your team and ask if you are unsure of anything

How it might affect your search for a new role:

Whilst we are continuing to work with clients to fill opportunities, recruitment in companies is going to be affected especially as more and more companies ask their employees to work from home. The capacity to onboard new employees will reduce as the company focuses on managing this change but it doesn’t mean that hiring won’t happen

Keep searching
Not every company will stop recruiting altogether as some roles will need to be filled - keep your eye out for new vacancies

Get up to date
Use this time to get your CV up to date, review your LinkedIn profile and get in touch with a recruiter – everything can be set up ready to go so that when things do settle down and companies are ready to hit start on recruiting again, you are ready

Expect online meetings and interviews
As social distancing is advised more and more, you can expect that any interaction with recruiters and potential employers will be done online – make sure you are prepared for this

Expect delays
Everyone is new to this situation so it is going to take time to navigate – be patient with delays but keep active in your search