How You Can Kill Your Video Interview in 2 Seconds

20 August 2020 Kat Morgan

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Want to know how you can kill your video interview in 2 seconds? And no I don’t mean ‘kill’ as in you knocked it out of the park!

I mean turning them off in the first initial moments of the video interview. 

Face to face interviews are becoming a thing of the past and video interviews are now the norm. Just because you won’t physically be meeting your potential employer does not mean pyjamas and bed hair are an appropriate choice for your video call.

Think they won’t notice? Trust me WE notice! And it’s a sure-fire way to spoil your chances at landing the role!

Here are some DON’TS when it comes to your video interview:

Fully Charged

There is nothing worse than having a conversation with someone and being hung up on half way through a sentence! Ensure your phone, tablet or laptop are completely charged before any video interviews and for extra interview prep do a test run to make sure your microphone and video are on. Miming in the interview will only get you so far.

Dress code

Pyjamas, gym gear & your tracksuits should only be seen at home or in the gym.

You and your potential future boss are simply just not on that comfort level.

Dress to impress and apply the same dress code and hygiene standards as you would for a face to face interview.

DO NOT apply the ‘Zoom Shirt’ methodology either, where you only dress the top half of your body or what the camera sees.

In the slight chance you may have to stand up you’ll be left red faced and look rather silly in corporate top half and pyjama bottom & Ugg boot combo!

Bottom line - just put the same amount of effort in like you would for a first date.


Screaming kids, traffic noises & driving are massive distractions (and not to mention dangerous) while having an interview.

Find a quiet space with a clutter free background and make sure there are no distractions in the camera view.

On that note, also make sure you aren’t in any high traffic spots within your home, the last thing you want is for a partner or friend to wander past in the background.

For all the pet owners- YES I already automatically love your fur-baby and understandably trying to ensure yours doesn’t bark is a tough one however simple distractions for THEM i.e. a toy or dog bone will keep them occupied and will mean less distractions for YOU.

Eye Contact

We are all culprits of this one but give the camera your best eye contact like you would if the interviewer were in front of you.

When it is a small amount of people in the interview i.e. 2 people it is very noticeable where you are looking so don’t just stare at yourself the whole time.