Are you an Employer of Choice?

10 September 2020 Michelle Alchian

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Do you have a reputation in the industry that attracts the pinnacle of employees when you are recruiting for new talent?

With a candidate short and competitive job market, it is more important than ever that you position your organisation as the place to be in your marketplace.

Research indicates that employers outperforming their competition are those that have highly engaged workers on their team who despite temptations of other employers, will choose to work for you and stay with you. These businesses are 78% more productive and 40% more profitable. Makes sense, right?!

Here are just a few of things you should be looking at if you want to be an employer of choice.


When you are looking for your next future employee, look at what you are offering as a package and a business to attract the best talent. How does your opportunity compare to other opportunities available in your marketplace? You need to make sure you are offering a package in line with your competition and then looking at incentives you can offer to make you more attractive. Things you can do to boost your offering includes:

•A bonus structure;

•Market leading training, coaching and mentoring opportunities;

•Parking is a big one especially in areas where free options are limited;

•Work from home and flexible working arrangements;

•Contributions towards gym or wellness memberships;

•Additional paid annual leave ie: your birthday or work anniversary off;

•Phone or phone allowance;

•A laptop to support flexible working;

•Incentive rewards and trips.

Career Advancement

Each role in your business should have a visible career ladder allowing you to communicate a progression path for employees. This will naturally promote a sense of future within your company.


Providing your employees with the framework to do their jobs is critical. Empowering them to take responsibility beyond this point will give your employees a sense of empowerment to perform their core functions and endorse a sense of trust and authority. Give your employees the opportunity to get involved in key business decisions, for example seek their expertise around service innovations and input on processes that affect their job.

Feedback and Recognition

No matter the size of your business, you should implement HR processes around performance feedback and recognition. Scheduled reviews are your opportunity as an employer of choice to track performance, provide recognition where due, focus on real successes and to reinforce positive and desired behaviour. It is also a good opportunity to check in on the career progression ladder too.


We have certainly noticed an increase in demand by employees for flexible working choices to help with the demands of family and life commitments outside of work. Providing flexibility can be a huge benefit for employers. Long gone are the days where employees must be seen at their desks to be deemed as productive. With advances in technology, there is no reason why employees can’t be just as effective away from the office, in fact it has been seen to minimize stress, allow employees to work undistracted and for employers to retain staff that may not normally be able to accomplish external commitments while working.


It is a well-known fact that employees will often quit their jobs because of a manager not necessarily the job itself. As an employer it is critical to look at the role you play with regards to the culture, you really do set the tone for the rest of the business. You also need to look at your recruitment choices. If an employee is amazing at their job but a cultural nightmare, you need to look at the impact this is having on your greater team and decide whether they have a future in your business. Culture is very broad in a workplace. Sometimes the simplest things can have the greatest impact. Regular social functions, team bonding and spontaneous acts of reward and recognition will all leave your employees feeling satisfied that the contribution they are making to your business is being appreciated.

Positioning your organisation as an employer of choice is something that requires consistent and sustained effort, but the payoff is worth it!