Should I stay or should I go?

08 November 2021 Shelley Richardson

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At a time where life as we knew it has drastically changed, so too has the Sydney job market. The Covid-19 pandemic prompted a cocktail of events to take place, with the workforce thrown into extended lockdown periods, sudden border closures, homeschooling and visa holders forced to return to their home country. The shortage of talent which resulted from this has given candidates the perfect opportunity to seize more of what they want from a job than ever before.

The United States have reported a surge in resignations following the pandemic, termed the “great resignation” and experts predict Australia could be soon to follow. This trend is seen to be a response to the toll that the pandemic took on our work lives, triggering a re-evaluation of how work fits into our lives. We have proven to our employers that the work can be completed just as effectively from home, whilst buying us more time with our loved ones or to complete the tasks and activities that are most important to us.

What we’ve seen here at Resolver Recruitment is a surge in candidates questioning if they should stay with their current employer or explore other opportunities. They may not have even been considering a change however word on the street is they could be doing better elsewhere.

It’s an interesting time to be making a move. On one hand there are those that are too scared to apply for roles in fear of ending up on the wrong side of a new probation period. The pandemic has proven that at any given time, we don’t know what lies ahead in the next three months. On the other hand life must go on, and this could be an opportunity to fast track your career or get more of what you want from your work life.

In any case, the question should be “am I happy with my current work conditions? ”If you are satisfied most of the time however you feel you could earn a better salary elsewhere or wish to work from home a few days a week, research the current employment market before having an open conversation with your boss. Explain that you don’t want to leave however your circumstances have changed and you’d like to make it work for both parties before looking elsewhere. The grass isn’t necessarily greener and if you can get what you want without having to leave your current position, this is the best possible outcome.

If you are mostly unhappy, have expressed this to your superiors and have seen no change, or have been in your comfort zone for too long with nowhere to go, now is the perfect time for you to make that move. Yes, you may find yourself looking for a new opportunity again due to constantly changing conditions, however life must go on. You have the golden ticket to finding exactly what is missing elsewhere and will be opening space for someone fresh who is excited to take on your role instead.

Changing roles should not be a rash decision and requires careful thought and consideration. Yes, we have been given a rare opportunity to get more from our careers than ever before, however sometimes it comes down to the little things that may be accommodated for if you simply ask. Sometimes a small change can instigate a renewed energy and passion for your role without having to partake in the “big resignation.”