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  • Why its not OK to leave a job off your CV...

    ​So many times I talk to people who advise me that they have left a job off their CV to make their CV look better or to hide a job that just wasn’t right. My advice to you is simple -  don’t ever do this. In todays world with the internet and social media, your digital footprint is everywhere ( don’t think employers don’t look at page 5 of google searching when they sea...

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  • Why now is a good time to work in Real Estate

    ​January has been an extremely busy month for the Real Estate industry, and we don’t see it slowing down any time soon! While the country was in a recession due to COVID-19 last year and the number of jobs in Australia fell by 7.5 per cent between March and April 2020, the Sydney Real Estate Market continued to perform well and it is predicted that it will thrive this year!...

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  • Five signs a career in real estate is right for you

    Real estate can be a challenging industry to crack into, but Virginia Brookes, Director at Resolver Recruitment, says the rewards of selling someone their dream home makes it all worthwhile.  "It's the only industry where you can earn a six-figure salary without a university degree, so the financial side and the lifestyle on offer can be very rewarding," she told WILLIAMS...

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