The most random but essential career advice

15 November 2016 Megan Swan

17 Min

As recruiters we are often asked for advice on what to ask in a job interview or how to navigate a pay rise whilst these are important things to get advice on there are some other random yet essential tips the Resolver Recruitment team would love to share. Our 7 career essentials below are very frank and probably not the sort advice you would expect to get from your recruiter but we feel they are things you need to know. 

Always be kind to the Receptionist, especially when you go for an interview – The opinion of the Receptionist can be asked at any time and they are the gate keeper so be kind it will take you places 

The best job for you might not be ready for you when you think you are ready for it – Sit tight and allow the right opportunity to come at the right time, moving for the sake of it if it’s not your dream move can actually work against you 

Value those who leave your workplace - It’s all about who you know, so keep those connections as they may present opportunity or referrals in the future you otherwise wouldn’t have known about

Avoid making enemies -  Most industries are small industries so save yourself the hassle of dramas in the future and avoid burning those bridges as it will always come back to bite you when you least expect it

Don’t complain about Monday’s – Leave your negativity at the door, nobody needs it

Share the credit even if you did most of the work – You need to build credibility that you are a team player and not just a glory hunter this quality will get you promoted or land you that pay rise faster than almost anything else

Make your main goal in the workplace to learn and contribute – Being a team player, constantly refining your skills and looking at better ways to do things will show your hunger to succeed