Top Tips for Recruiting in the New Financial Year

14 June 2022 Virginia Brookes


​The new financial year always bring fresh activity to the job market as new goals and projects are set, and new budgets allocated, creating new jobs. Most companies with finalise budgets for the new financial year in May and June and start hiring June/July to set the next year up to achieve their growth targets. On the back of this, there are often newly created roles.

However, the current market is candidate short and there is an abundance of vacancies in real estate and property with limited candidates. To work smartly in a candidate short market, there are options to assist in increasing the opportunity of filling vacancies quickly without compromising the integrity of the business. 

Dealing with a recruiter: Resolver fill more than half of our vacancies through our database, existing network or referrals. Traditional job boards no longer drive the quality or volume of applicants they once did, so more than ever you need a recruiter on your side to uncover hidden talent you simply don’t have access to at your fingertips.

Timing: You need to act with bullet speed. Sitting on a CV for more than 24 hours can lose you the candidate and then scheduling or rescheduling the interview more than 2 days after receiving the application can also cost you the candidate. More than ever you need to act quickly, you simply can’t afford to waste time. Many candidates are unfortunately in a position of power and they are not always prepared to wait.

Meet the market: Salaries, job titles and responsibilities have all shifted over the last 18 – 24 months, we don’t suggest paying over inflated salaries or offer senior job titles that are unwarranted but do listen to the market and look at what is offered so you remain competitive, if you refuse to offer it, you can bet your competitor probably will.

Transferable skills: Look outside the box you think you need to fill and explore all options; hospitality, customer service and sales roles from other industries can transfer well into real estate. Street smarts can trump book smarts and even looking at temp to perm as a try before you buy on a candidate is a great way to approach the hiring process.

Resolver enjoy solutions based recruitment with a consultative approach to guide you through the process, we don’t simply shove CV’s and candidates in front of you and hope for the best. All of our team have previously worked in the real estate and property industry, so we know the roles first hand that you as clients are looking to fill.