Tips when transitioning in the corporate world

29 November 2016 Megan Swan

15 Min

Are you leaving school and embarking on your new role or perhaps you are looking at your next career move?

We’ve put together a checklist of things to keep in mind when starting your search upon entering the work force or even simply looking for your next role. There are so many things to think of from your handshake to your wardrobe, thanking your interviewer with “thanks mate” to your social media accounts, these little tips can truly make or break your next move……

Searching for roles:

  • When you are search for roles make sure you send an individual email for each job; don’t use a generic letter – there is nothing worse than sending a letter applying for a sales assistant role when applying for a receptionist role.

  • Keep your CV clean, tidy & factual, no fancy pictures or logos;  just a word or PDF document will suffice

  • Make notes on each role you have applied for, I find it very off putting when I call back on a CV and the applicant has no idea what role I am talking about ; it makes you look unorganised and unprofessional

  • Keep your social media accounts in check and if you don’t want people to see some of your activity then lock them private – keep your profile pictures clean and tidy as well as your public information, I have seen many Candidates knocked back over the years from inappropriate social media accounts.

You get the interview:

  • Make sure you do lots of research about the company before you attend the interview. Look at their company website, social media accounts including LinkedIn and get to know a good deal about them. Make sure you bring up in the interview some facts that you have learnt about them to show your research skills

  • Arrive 5 minutes early for your interview and if for some reason you are going to be late making sure you call at least 15 minutes before your scheduled interview.

  • Don’t wear too much aftershave or perfume, an overbearing scent is very off putting in an interview environment

  • Smoking before an interview is an absolute no – nothing worse than stale smelling cigarette in an interview

  • Be neatly dressed in corporate work attire, ensure it is clean and ironed and shoes clean and shined ( no scuffs)

  • For ladies natural make up and tidy and no chopped nail polish, for men neatly and corporately groomed

During the interview:

  • Give a firm and friendly handshake when meeting and leaving – practice with an older friend or family member if you are not sure to get it right

  • DO NOT chew gum, swing on your chair, click your pen, swear or use slang in an interview EVER

  • Maintain a good level of eye contact during the interview, don’t look around the room or look down at the table or your hands

  • Listen to each question, don’t interrupt and answer the questions without waffling

  • Never rubbish your current or previous employer or school, an employer will wonder if you will talk badly of them next

  • Bring up some of the facts you have learnt about their company from your research, this shows you have done your searching and have done some of your own learning

  • Make sure you bring up in the interview some facts that you have learnt about them to show your research skills

Finishing your interview:

  • Always thank your interview for their time and finish off with how much you would like the opportunity (if you do)

  • Leave politely saying good bye to the Receptionist on the way out

  • If you have been given a business card always follow up with a quick email again thanking them for their time and to be in touch if they require anything more

Just remember when you are searching for a new role or your next opportunity to always give your best impression when you first connect with someone – you never get another chance to make a great first impression.