8 of the biggest career mistakes

06 December 2016 Megan Swan

14 Min

We all make mistakes in life and our work life is not exempt from this, over the years you learn to see the lessons in those mistakes and become wise to where you went wrong. The sting of disappointment comes often when it feels like you have hit rock bottom thanks to your actions. The Resolver Recruitment team have put together a list of the biggest career mistakes we often see our candidates and clients make. Take note of these and if you find you have made one of these mistakes, take the lesson from it and ask how you can handle it differently in the future.


1: Thinking you know it all: Not even the smartest or most successful person in the world knows it all, yes you can be an expert in your field but don’t forget the world is constantly evolving and there are things you don’t know, we can’t all know everything and that’s ok.


2: Burning bridges when you resign: These relationships will serve you long into your future and will crop up at industry events or when you need a reference so always leave on good terms no matter what.


3: Forgetting to network: It’s all about who you know and not always about what you know so make yourself known to your industry and build that network.


4: Arriving to meetings or appointments late: Your time is no more important than anyone else’s so keep to the scheduled time agreed upon.


5: Dressing unprofessionally: There really is no excuse for this, dressing professionally doesn’t mean you have to be wearing the latest and most expensive clothing it simply means dressing in well fitted, clean and ironed clothes that cover you appropriately. You need to project the best version of yourself and presentation makes up a huge part of that


6: Failing to ask for help: Put your hand up and ask questions, you’re better off doing a better quality job that takes a little longer with less/no mistakes over a rushed one riddled with error because you were too proud to speak up.


7: Negativity: Nobody likes working with an energy zapper that complains about everything, things go wrong and don’t go our way but there are plenty of things that go right and to be grateful for so focus your energy on those things.


8: Prioritising money:  We need money to pay the bills and eat that’s obvious, but making your career all about the dollar will likely see you end up in a job you hate and feeling unfulfilled. Don’t be greedy, happiness in the work place has a huge impact in the rest of your life so don’t let money come at the cost of your happiness.