How to hire the right staff

08 February 2017 Megan Swan

Hiring The Right Staff

Making the right decisions during the recruitment process can add real value to any business. Talented employees are able to work productively, bring the best out in their colleagues and help drive performance. However hiring the wrong person can be damaging to a business and impact profitability. This means it is essential to be prepared when recruiting a new employee, the below key insights should be kept in mind when you next go through the recruitment process in your business. 


Identify the right candidates 


Employers stand a greater chance of hiring suitable candidates when they have a clear idea of what they are looking for from the get go. Clearly communicating 'must have' and 'nice to have' skills to potential candidates can assist with quality control, and ensure employers are not inundated with rubbish submissions.

When advertising the salary for the position - or at least the earnings range - ensures candidates know what they can expect from the employer from the outset. If the advert is deliberately vague, using terms such 'negotiable' or 'based on experience', there can be a significant gap between what individuals are looking for and the organisation is intending to offer. Some candidates may shy away from applying for the role if expectations and salary are unclear 


Make your offers attractive


It’s no secret that the pool of quality, skilled talent is tight. While remuneration continues to be an attractive incentive, companies should also look at other valued benefits such as flexible working hours, company cars or phones, additional annual leave and other initiatives to improve work-life balance, this can make the difference for employers who cannot afford to offer top salaries.


Use a recruitment agency 


Agencies can short-list potential candidates, conduct initial interviews and carry out all necessary reference checks which reduces the burden upon the employer. Using the services of a recruiter can increase the likelihood of appointing a suitable candidate. Recruiters benefit from specialist knowledge of the job market, they have access to a range of potential candidates, including those who are not actively looking for jobs. Currently we are seeing a huge volume of our vacancies filled from referrals or our database so the value of a recruiter has never been greater.