Hybrid working - what do employees want?

15 August 2022 Virginia Brookes

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It still amazes me that businesses are missing out on talent due to inflexible work environments. During 2020 and 2021 we were forced to work from home and loads of individuals learnt balance within their working and personal lives and this is something that many are now not prepared to give away. Costs of transport were slashed, commute times were a thing of the past and for many individuals, productivity improved as well as their mental health.

Have you stopped sometimes to think about productivity in your office? I know that within my team days at home often include a workout, a walk, coffees, washing etc and then candidate and client meetings are done after hours when it suits the people we are working with! I still believe for my office that 3 days per week together is when we can collaborate face to face, have some fun together and these 3 days together really cement our culture! The other days working from home we save on travel time, we have some great balance and family time and we have time alone time to focus on tasks that we don’t get done in the office.

A survey released this week shows the below:

Workplace only v hybrid v home working only by age groups 

(source Leesman - Lendlease)

Hybrid working survey

Given that the hybrid work model isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, what talent are you missing out on when it comes to offering this model?