How to Steer Yourself to Success

14 March 2017 Megan Swan

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With an increasingly competitive job market and modernisation of the working world, it is increasingly important to set yourself apart from the rest, showcase your skills and talents and make sure you are up-to-date with the key drivers of success in your industry. Below we have compiled a few tips to help you steer yourself to success.

1.  Push yourself to the front

In this ever-growing corporate world, it is easy to feel like ‘just another number’ and operate in that same mentality. However it is more important than ever before to set yourself apart from the crowd, be pro-active and stand in the spotlight. Employers are more likely to promote and reward employees who put their hand up for more than is in their job description, and who make clear that they want to progress and contribute to the long-term growth of the company.

Every day example: research and present new marketing ideas to the sales team

2.  Work on your likeability

A good “bed-side manner” is becoming increasingly advantageous to employees looking to progress and succeed in their chosen industry. An ability to relate to, empathise with and successfully manage peers and subordinates is just as important a consideration in promotion and success in the workplace as skills, education and qualifications.

Every day example: offer to shout the team coffee after a busy End of Month

3.  Work to improve every day

The adage of “you are only as good as your next result” is an excellent motivator to constantly work to improve yourself and stay on top of the competition. This last, and possibly most important, tip will ensure you strive to step ahead and succeed in your chosen field.

Every day example: set yourself a KPI and work to improve it by a certain percentage each week.


These key drivers of success are just a few methods you can implement immediately into your working life and will be sure to see you succeed and prove fruitful for your long-term professional development.