Staff Retention Strategies

11 July 2017 Megan Swan

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When it comes to staff retention, it’s important to remember that one size does not necessarily fit all. To get the best out of your team, you need to identify each team member’s individual driver and tap into this in order to get the best out of them. By identifying what’s important to each of your employees you can increase the chances of them investing their time and skills into your company and in turn get that loyalty and retention.  Below are some key drivers we believe will help keep your staff motivated, engaged and committed! 


Take the time to recognise and show your appreciation of hard work by saying a genuine thank you or offering a reward for a job well done. This will help build loyalty and give your team members a higher sense of job satisfaction whilst encouraging them to continue to strive for the extra mile.


Trust your staff and give them the freedom to choose their own way to approach the way they complete tasks or problems. By not micromanaging, you create an environment that allows them to have a sense of ownership over their role and they will be more likely to achieve over expectations or come to the table with new ideas or ways to streamline a task/process that will help the business overall.


Don’t let your team and subsequently your business’s development grind to a halt; set a plan to allow your staff to progress and grow within your business. Great ways to do this include, in house training and enrolling them in external courses or giving them time out to attend conferences and industry networking functions. The largest percentage of why staff leave a role is due to lack of training, mentoring and progression so don’t let your work place be victim to this.


Your staff should feel they are able to share their concerns and career goals with you; create this environment through an open door policy and regular one to one catch ups ideally on a monthly basis. Equally, share your business plans with the team, so you can work collaboratively towards a common goal and everyone knows what the expectation is from the outset.  

The jobs market has changed so employee engagement and retention needs to be high on your priority list, it’s important to play your part in creating a work environment that looks to retain and grow staff to gain loyalty and engagement. The great news is that many effective staff retention tips and plans cost little to no money and the team at Resolver Recruitment welcome your call to discuss your staffing needs and our ideas around retention.