5 People You Need in Your “Squad”

26 September 2017


Networking and building a strong team is imperative to the success of your business and to remain competitive in the modern marketplace. It is even more important however to have a well-rounded, diverse team around you to ensure you grow both individually and collectively in a holistic way. We have come up with 5 types of professionals you need in your “squad” to succeed in today’s business world!

  1. The Leader – the first and most important person in your squad must be a motivational, driven leader who instils clear expectations from the outset and demonstrates strategic plans to the team. This individual will be well connected, able to develop and nurture long-standing relationships, and continue to network to grow the business.
  2. The Psychologist – businesses that succeed have people that are approachable, easy to talk to, and give excellent guidance. This person should be able to deal well with all members of the team, manage and resolve conflicts, and ensure smooth sailing during transitions and growth periods within the business.
  3. The Aspirer – this person is your next up-and-comer, the employee with stars in their eyes and strong development and growth plans. Although some business owners are apprehensive of these types of employees as they often want to run before they can walk, these individuals can be your greatest asset. They are there to suggest and implement exciting innovative ideas, are competitive, keen to be mentored and are ambitious to succeed.
  4. The Realist – this person is there to keep you grounded, make sure your business plans are followed and monitored in a timely manner, and challenge you with suggestions for improvement or when the business needs a “reality check”. Realists will help turn your business dreams and goals into reality.
  5. The Idealist – along with your realist you should also have someone to think outside the box, encourage your aspirations and dreams, and to encourage you to look at strategies and ideas differently. This person will act as a sounding board for your own ideas while also offering their own initiatives. You Realist and Idealist should help to balance the business, and encourage its strategic growth.