Finding inspiration when there is no clear career path for you at your company!

11 March 2021 Virginia Brookes

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In your professional career there is no doubt at some point you are hit with some roadblocks and hurdles along the way. This may put you at a standstill in your career path but there are ways for you to stay ahead and stay inspired in your career.

Figure out what you want and get it!

Acknowledging that there is an issue can be the first and most important step of making a change within your career. As scary as it may seem, it is crucial that you deal with the issue head on and not let it hold you back from potential progression. Realising where the problems lie and coming up with solutions will ensure that you are in a role where your skills aren’t being utilised to your full potential and motivation is at an all-time high.

Talk it out

Once you have realised there is an issue and analysed your situation carefully, talking it out with your friends, family, and the community around you can really help. Sharing your thoughts with others can spark different opinions on how to better your situation. It is important to take on helpful advice and to be proactive about implementing these ideas to better your career. This is the perfect time to each out to a specialised recruiter to seek advice on how you can take that next step.

Upskill yourself

There is always room for improvement! Asses what skills you have and figure out if there are any developments that could be made. If so, you could take time outside of work to develop these skills and learn in order to grow your potential and progress within the workplace.

Keep an open mind

Being open to exploring different opportunities may be the key to you developing your career. Taking on new projects or challenges will show your dedication to the business and will also show that you have the willingness to adapt to new things. Showcasing this commitment will reap its rewards!

Cherish your spare time

Making the most out of your time outside of work can make a big difference in productivity while you are in work. Having a hobby or sport that you can go to outside of your busy work life means that you will have something else to focus your attention on. As well as this, being able to adapt new skills outside of work only means that you will use these skills when you are in work – this can make all the difference into how you view your workload or manage your time.