The Big Question Is Are You in the Right Job?

31 July 2018 Virginia Brookes

Man Thinking   Article

Have you ever asked yourself if you are in the right job? How about if, and when you should quit a job? You need to know when it’s simply time to double-down or move on from a position.

The first thing you need to do is a self-assessment. You need to ask yourself the right questions. You need to determine if the problem is the job itself, or you. Make the effort to take a serious look at if it’s you or the job. This assessment will focus your energy on fixing the right thing. Either the job or your approach and attitude about it.

If it is your attitude and approach, and there are benefits to the job, commit and anchor in. If you think the role is wrong, look at where you want to be, what other people are doing, where people are making money. Make a concentrated effort to move to the position that you want and the one that will serve you best.

When accessing your current role or a new one, review these points:

1. Company Performance and Culture

-Are the environment and people positive and supportive?  Or are people negative and tight with     resources?

-Is the company ethical and are they treating each other and their clients with respect? 

-Do people enjoy their jobs and if so do they turn up on time and feel a sense of job security? 

2. Senior Management and Leadership

-Does your boss respect you and the effort you put into your work and the business? 

-Are there clear goals on how to grow your career and skills within the business? 

 -Is the company forward thinking and keeping up with changes to legislation and technology? 

3. Compensation

-Are you making money?

-Are you being fairly remunerated and does your job title reflects the scope of your responsibilities   you undertake?

-Do people feel appreciated and supported?

4. Opportunity

- Are you learning new skills, getting training and moving forward?

- Are you making new contacts, are there opportunities to network? 

-Do you know what you’re learning at work? Can you see your resume growing and feel your     confidence increasing over time?


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