5 Best Tips for Not Blowing up Your Job Interview!

21 August 2018 Virginia Brookes

Article Pic 21st August

Getting the interview is just the first step. Now, you must sell yourself. To secure the role, you will need to show the employer that you are the person for the role.

Here are 5 tips on what not to do for your next interview:

1. Not Managing Your Arrival Time

Plan your route to the interview in advance. Make sure you know how to get there and how long it will take you, at the time you will be travelling. Allow extra time for delays and finding a parking space once you arrive.

2. Not Dressing Properly

Make sure you dress corporately to every interview, regardless of if the role is business or casual attire.  

3. Not Maintaining Eye Contact

The interviewer should be concentrating on your answers, and it should be clear that you want this role, so make you make eye contact at all times.

4. Not Finding a Common Interest Over Which to Bond

Find something that you have in common with the interviewer. Do your research on the company website, LinkedIn and Facebook pages before the interview. Signs of mutual interest could be used to break the ice.

5. Not Having Questions Prepared

Show respect for and an interest in the company by preparing ahead of time a few questions about the business or its recent mentions in the news. All your questions should be about the company, not yourself!