How Do You Make Yourself More Attractive To A Prospective Employer

08 August 2018 Virginia Brookes

College Interview

There are many things that an employer look for when engaging a new recruit, but what do they really look for and why?

  • Personal presentation – first impressions really count, make sure you are wearing corporate attire and for goodness sake make sure your clothes are ironed, shoes are shined, makeup is minimal yet professional and nails and hair are tidy. You will only ever get one go to make a first impression so make sure it’s the right one!
  • Communication skills – you need to make sure you speak clearly & professionally at all times and remember no slang or acronyms. You will be out there representing their business & speaking to their clients so they want people they can be proud of.
  • Job stability – no employers want to see that you have jumped every 6-12 months in each job; sometimes things simply don’t work out and this can be overlooked once but generally make sure you spend at least 2 years in each role.
  • Explain why you are in your career and talk about your passion and commitment – employers want long term employees who are passionate about what they do and are in it for the long term.
  • Talk about your goals – everyone should have personal and professional short term, midterm and long term goals & plans for their career; share them, show you care about your life and career.
  • Show you spend time & money on yourself – employers love people who take the time and effort and spend their own funds to further their career – it shows that you believe in yourself and are prepared to back yourself. Of course most employers are prepared to spend money to further their employee’s careers but show that you can do it yourself too. Go to networking events, conferences, get your own coach – this will further your long term career & ensure your long term success.
  • Do your research - Make sure you have researched an interviewer & their company thoroughly before you attend an interview. Work out their position in the market place, what they do best, what they offer compared to their competitors; see who their staff are, who are the top performers, what awards have they won?
  • Follow up – after each interview drop a quick line to your interviewer thanking them for their time and expressing your interest or non interest in their company and role. Follow up in Real Estate is everything so get it right from the start!