Why you should align yourself with a respected Recruiter

23 October 2018 Virginia Brookes

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Looking for a new role is one of the most difficult and stressful things to navigate, but aligning yourself with a specialist recruiter can make the journey much easier. By working with a specialist recruiter you won’t be alone in your job search and by taking the time to get to know you, your skills and your experiences they can seek out the perfect job for you! Here are the top reasons we know you should work with a recruiter with your job search:

1.Align yourself with a recruiter you trust, and that clients trust, can open doors to opportunities that are not active in the market place. Recruiters often know which companies you will be aligned with the most and can have targeted confidential conversations to see if there are any openings in these offices.
2.A good recruiter is a career adviser, we can give you tips on the current market place, salary guidance and job guidance; we know what makes a good office and a good role and know which offices are going to offer you a solid long term career path.
3.Align yourself with only one or maximum of 2 recruiters and ensure you are clear that you want to know where your personal details are being sent to prior to them being sent. Imagine your CV being shopped out to someone who actually is friends with your boss without your consent. You own your own details – make sure you control them!
4.Take the stress out of your search and don’t get distracted in your current role - a sound recruiter will take the time to really get to know you and they can seek out the next perfect step for you.

If you would like some further guidance on one of your big life changes and are considering a new role then please get in touch with one of the Resolver Team today.