Are you ready for your staff to return to work?

20 May 2020 Virginia Brookes

Ma Your Days Be (10)

As restrictions start to lift across Australia, employers facing a different challenge when considering the return of employees to their workplaces.

Employers must primarily ensure that physical distancing is adhered to.  This may involve the reconfiguration of workspaces, or working in shifts so that fewer employees at present at any one time.

Employers also need to ensure that they provide and maintain a safe working environment by maintaining effective hygiene and regular cleaning practices.

Here are some tips to get you started on making sure employees are safe in your workplace.  

People must keep at least 1.5m apart - use signs to show distancing requirements and block off desks that can’t be used;
Limit the number of people allowed in smaller spaces – meeting rooms may only hold one or two people at a time

Communicate with the whole team – hold a meeting, via Zoom or Teams to advise everyone of the new procedures so that everyone is clear on what is in place for their safety

Ensure you are providing antibacterial hand wash and/or hand sanitiser throughout your office

Remind staff that if they feel unwell at all that they should remain at home and get Covid testing

As always, make sure you follow government guidance as it is regularly being updated.