Traineeships – Opportunity knocks for Real Estate offices across NSW!

11 May 2020 Michelle Alchian

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Traineeships are a great option for Real Estate offices wanting to invest in their workplace.

Were you aware that the REINSW offer a Traineeship program for businesses employing new entrants to the industry?

Amid the Coronavirus pandemic and an unemployment rate tipped to rise to 10% in the June quarter, the team and I at Resolver Recruitment are experiencing an influx of job seekers emerging from other industries with amazing transferable skills, energy and enthusiasm keen to explore a career in Real Estate.

Wouldn’t it be great to offer these job seekers an opportunity that will not only expose you to a greater choice of candidates when you are recruiting, but with the government subsidies offered, you will also be incentivised up to $4500 by taking on a trainee.

The Traineeships offered, give an individual the opportunity to obtain one of the following qualifications whilst gaining practical experience through workplace employment.

REINSW Traineeship options

  • CPP31519 - Certificate III in Real Estate Practice, undertaken over 12 months.
  • CPP41419 - Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice, undertaken over 24 months and allowing the trainee, upon completion, to apply to NSW Fair Trading for a Real Estate Licence.

Note: Both qualifications include the units required by NSW Fair Trading for the Certificate of Registration which can be obtained within the first 3 months, upon the successful completion of the 5 units of competency.

What is the eligibility criteria?

  • New entrant– Employed for less than 3 months full time or less than 12 months part-time
  • Aged 15 years and over
  • No longer at school
  • Living or working in NSW
  • An Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident, Australian permanent humanitarian visa holder or New Zealand citizen

What are the benefits?

What we love about this program is that it is giving job seekers the opportunity to undertake the necessary education required by law to work within the Real Estate industry, which they may not otherwise be able to afford.  This in turn brings an ambitious and motivated wave of fresh energy to the Industry, which it has been crying out for.

The REINSW will take care of the online learning induction and provide the trainee with regular guidance and support to keep them on track with their learning modules.  The employee is also given membership to the REI for the term of the traineeship, access to webinars and other benefits that come with being an REI member.

All you need to do as the Employer is provide the trainee with some off desk time to complete their modules each week and provide them with a supervisor / mentor who is working within the business that will look after on the job training.  Payroll tax and workers compensation exemptions are available for trainees as well as the government subsidy of up to $4500.

Not only do these programs promote employee loyalty and productivity, it is also amazing how much Employers learn when they have a trainee working within their business.

How easy is it to set up?

Incredibly easy!  For more information on this program and to understand full terms and conditions, all you need to do is reach out to the REINSW Training division and they will get the ball rolling for you. 

REINSW Training (02) 9264 2343 or email