Going the extra mile. How to be the indispensable employee.

06 May 2021 Jacqui Barnes

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​Career satisfaction, security and progression seems to be more important more than ever lately.

There are many positions being outsourced, eliminated, or redone it’s hard for anyone to feel like their job is truly rock solid. No one person or role is irreplaceable, but to be indispensable means that your boss can replace you, they just can’t imagine ever doing so.

So how do you become indispensable in your workplace? Here are our top tips:

The number one and most important piece of advice: Always be willing to go the extra mile. Display a "can do" attitude even in demanding situations. Try to solve problems, rather than to pass them on to other people. First answer is “yes, I’ll make it happen”. Go beyond your job description. Do work that gets you noticed.

Embrace the company vision: You were hired to help bring the company vision to life. Your chances for success increase when you start working towards something that is bigger than yourself. You’re positioning yourself as irreplaceable when you succeed at your job and help others along the way!

Have a good attitude: No matter what is going on in the office always remember to stay positive. No one says you have to run around the office with pom poms cheering everyone on bringing the boss donuts (however if that’s your thing go for it). Instead have a positive mental attitude and approach different challenges at work with an open mind. It doesn’t matter if you come to the table with a different viewpoint than your employer as long as you’re open minded to change.

Be a team player: Team players show genuine commitment. A good team player might participate in the office hours but a great team player will make the participation worth their time. They will step up without being asked, handle that annual leave cover, take that after hours appointment to help a colleague or do the task that others put in the too hard basket. They will quite literally, take one for the team.

Be trustworthy: Being tight-lipped is the perfect way to show your employees and co-workers that you can be trusted. Plus, you’ll be more likely to trust someone you know won’t be blabbing your work or personal troubles throughout the office. Make sure to keep a close watch on your conversations. Trust takes a while to build, but only a moment to destroy.

Build Relationships: If you have developed a meaningful relationship with your boss it’ll be harder for them to let you go. Stop in every now and then to discuss your career goals, say hello. Your boss is rooting for you to succeed. Become friends with your co-workers: You probably spend more time with your co-workers than with your own family/friends. Why not make the most of it by developing meaningful relationships.

Embrace change: Not only should you embrace change but you should run with it. If your boss implements a new policy be the first one to adapt to it. Showing you’re good at coping with change only improves your image in the company’s eyes.

Take initiative: Never wait for tasks to land on your desk. If you’re waiting around for work to come how will you shine in your boss’s eyes? Show everyone that you’re a go getter by jumping on tasks that can help everyone out.