What should your career resolutions be for 2017?

06 January 2017 Megan Swan

11 Min

Resolver Recruitment are back in the office and ready for an amazing 2017! the inspiration for this article was that it seems that it’s that time of the year where people around you will ask ‘what’s your new year’s resolution?’. most common resolutions are to lose weight, be healthier, save more money etc., however, people generally don’t think about what they can change in their work life. therefore, resolver would like to share advice on what we think your career resolutions should be for 2017.

identify your ideal role

have you ever accepted a role because the location was convenient, they offered more money, the company is highly reputable so you thought it would “look good on your cv”? yet left feeling unsatisfied because the role itself wasn’t ideal? so many people make this mistake. make sure in your job search this year that you apply and accept a role based on your skills/strengths, and what you’re passionate about and we can assure you’ll be more satisfied in your role and as a result be more motivated at work.

have realistic expectations

if you’re in an entry level role now, don’t expect to be in a managerial role at the end of year. instead focus on developing your skills, and harnessing what you need to do to get yourself there. for instance whether it’s being proactive and putting your hand up to work on a saturday or when you have free time asking your manager and colleagues “is there anything i can do to assist you?” this will show you’re serious about working there.

change your attitude

if you’re unhappy with a situation at work make sure you address and resolve the issues with your manager, don’t bad mouth to other colleagues. it’s also imperative that you make sure it doesn’t come across in your attitude. when you come across as unenthused, unapproachable and reluctant at work, it creates a negative vibe, which could potentially be to your detriment especially if you’re keen to grow with the company as your manager will just assume you’re unhappy and you don’t want to be there.