Is the New Year the Right Time to Start a New Job?

13 December 2022 Virginia Brookes

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As the year winds down and we prepare for a 2023, many of us can’t help but feel excited about what’s to come. If you’re considering starting a new job in new year, you’re not alone. Starting a new job can be daunting, but with the right preparation and mindset, it can also be an incredibly rewarding experience. So should you take the plunge this January?

Let’s explore why the start of a new year might be the perfect time to start a new job.

A Fresh Start – One of the best things about starting your job search at the beginning of the year is that it gives you a chance to reset and start fresh. You can leave behind any bad habits or career setbacks from 2022 and focus on developing healthier work habits that will set you up for success in 2023. Whether this means having more structure in your day-to-day tasks or setting specific goals for yourself, starting your job hunt at the beginning of 2023 allows you to create an action plan that works best for you and your career aspirations.

Timing is Everything – Timing is key when it comes to finding your dream job. It may seem counterintuitive, but often times companies are looking to hire during the slow points in their business cycle—and for many businesses, this occurs at the start of each year. By getting ahead of other applicants and applying when positions open up in January, you may have an advantage over those who wait until later in the year. Additionally, if there are any budget cuts happening later in 2023 due to economic uncertainty, employers may decide to hire earlier rather than later—so January may be just the timing you need!                                                                                                                                               

New Resolutions – With every new year comes resolutions and goals that we want to achieve throughout its duration; why not make one of these goals finding a job that will bring fulfilment? The start of 2023 could be just what you need to get motivated and really focus on improving your skillset so that when it comes time for interviews or applications, you have everything ready and waiting. There are plenty of online courses available that can help sharpen existing skills or introduce something entirely new; use them as an opportunity to challenge yourself and stand out from other applicants by showing potential employers how dedicated you are! 

Starting a new job can be intimidating; however, with enough preparation and motivation, it can also be very rewarding—especially if done at the beginning of a new year! If this is something that appeals to you then now might be just the right time as many companies are looking for fresh talent during January due to budget cuts or economic uncertainty later on in 2023. So make sure that one of your New Year’s resolutions includes searching for jobs early on so you have ample time before other applicants come onboard! Good luck!