Inducting a New Staff Member

08 August 2017 Virginia Brookes


The first day for a new employee can be overwhelming for everyone – it means someone new for the team to meet, a distraction from your work load to get them trained up and settled in and a bundle of nerves and excitement for them. Being prepared is key to ensure your new employee settles in well with as little hiccups as possible, and is guaranteed to minimise chances of voluntary turnover! We have compiled a few key ingredients to ensure a smooth transition for you, your business and the candidate:

  1. Be sure to tell your new employee what time to arrive and who to ask for on day one so your new employee feels confident from the start. This will not only reduce nerves but establish structure and expectations early on.
  2. Before their arrival, coordinate their email address, security passes, logins to database systems etc so there is no sitting around waiting to access things. Also make sure their desk is set up with a computer, stationary, a phone etc. This ensures your new employee feels welcome by having a space ready for them to immediately start training and learning the ropes.
  3. Give the employee their employment contract on day one and run through any questions they have so there are no confusions or discrepancies down the track. Don’t forget to also collect bank, super and tax details and give them a copy of the signed contract once all appropriate documents are collected and agreed upon.
  4. It’s not just the new job that is daunting – starting in a new office environment where the employee is unfamiliar with how things operate and where things are located can make the transition all that more stressful! Make sure you explain in full the hours of operation, protocol for sick leave or if they are running late, where all the equipment, facilities and amenities are in the office/building, and a list of all the teams contact details.
  5. Introduce the new employee to the team and assign them a buddy that can show them lunch and parking spots, how to use the phone & photocopier along with any other essential info – and of course, where to get their morning coffee!
  6. Most importantly set a clear plan for the first month of what you want them to achieve, what training they will have and when along with what your expectations are of them. Check in every few days on how the plan is going to make sure your new recruit is on track!