How you do you know when it’s really time to move on

23 January 2018 Virginia Brookes

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Its human nature to keep doing whatever we're already doing and apathy is a powerful force.

2018 means it’s the perfect time to ask yourself the question "Am I still in the right job? Does this job deserve my time and energy?”

Many people dupe themselves that they can ride it out in a bad job for another year or longer. One year often turns into another year and before you know it a few years have passed. Don’t let that happen to you. Start asking yourself if you’re really happy and thriving in your work or are you just going through the motions?

Now is as good as time as ever to try something new. So bite the bullet and start searching for that 9-5 that puts a smile on your face.

Stop convincing yourself that your current job is right for you if you if you are dragging yourself out of bed in the mornings and are bolting out the door come finish time then a change in company or career path may be on the cards.

Some common reasoning’s for staying in a job you are not enjoying come down to:

1. Because it's secure

Job security can be found at any work place.  Unless you're planning to retire from your current job and know with certainty that they will keep you around until retirement, the longer you stay at the job the worse off you will be.

2. Because I like my co-workers

You may like who you work with but co-workers come and go and shouldn’t be a reason to stay in a role. Misery loves company and it is always nice surrounding yourself in an office full of people who love their job.

3. Because I already know how to do the job

Knowledge is power, always be striving to learn and do more. A job that can no longer offer you any challenges or learning opportunities is one that needs to be reconsidered. 

4. Because it's hard to find a new job

That’s what recruiters are for, let them help you in your search. They can often narrow the job searching process significantly. There are also so many websites dedicated to job seekers that ease the procedure of job hunting.

5. Because it's not that bad working here

This is where you start justifying your job, if you are at the point where you are looking for good points in a job then that’s the answer in itself.

6. Because I don't know what I would do instead of this job

That’s the beauty of transferable skill set. Another alternative if to register yourself with a temping agency who can provide you a stepping stone into many different industries and job roles.

7. Because of my kids

Your kids want you to be happy and they also need a healthy parent more than they need anything else. Remember that having kids doesn’t mean giving up on your own potential. You are their role model!

With reasoning there comes a solution and majority points to finding a job that you enjoy being at 40 hours a week. Nobody can limit you once you decide to go get the career you deserve and Resolver Recruitment will be with you every step of the way.