How to re-enter the workforce after time away

29 August 2018 Virginia Brookes

Virginia Brookes Resolver Recruitment Director

Our Director Virginia Brookes talks to The Real Estate Conversation on Tips and advice for people looking to re-enter the real estate industry after taking time off!

Getting back into any industry after time off can be daunting and nerve wracking.

Virginia Brookes, director of Resolver Recruitment spoke to WILLIAMS MEDIA about her advice for people who have taken a few years off and are looking at getting back into real estate.

Ensure that you have your qualifications back in place

Ms Brookes said your certificate of registration and license will expire if you don’t keep up your continuing professional development points and the payment for your registration.

“In some cases you will need to sit for your certificate all over again or complete new units to renew your license," Ms Brookes said.

"This can take several weeks to complete and process, so don’t leave it until the last minute once you have found a new role.”

Contact your old employers and colleagues and let them know that you are returning to the workforce

“In many cases employers will really look to find a role for great staff and if you have left on good terms and were known as a solid employee, often you will be looked at before anyone else.

“Also, making contact with previous colleagues to let them know you are looking to re-enter the workforce can really help.

“There is really no better reference than being able to recommend someone you have worked well with in the past.”

Make sure your CV is up to date

The information on your CV and LinkedIn profile should be relevant and updated, and your social media profiles looking professional.

If there is anything you wouldn’t want a prospective employer to see on your social media accounts, either delete it or change your profile settings to private.

Ms Brookes said you should ask previous employers if they will act as a referee for you to pass onto prospective employers.

“Also, find a personal friend who knows how to interview to run you through a mock interview.

“This will help you get your interviewing skills back up.”

Research any new industry specific computer programs and training courses

“See if you can do a training course to upskill yourself, and make time to give yourself a refresher on any computer programs you have previously used," Ms Brookes said.